“ I feel happy returning to work when I know I am leaving my child at a nursery where they are happy and thriving ”


The Early Years Foundation Stage is the curriculum for all nurseries and pre-schools registered with Ofsted.

This curriculum not only sets the educational criteria for the learning and development of babies and children up to the age of five years but also shapes the high standards of practice. 

At Working Mums, we actively promote the requirement to ensure the children in our care are safeguarded effectively and that all children irrespective of special/ additional/ different needs, ethnicity, cultural and language background are included in our settings. We have a pro-active partnership with parents to ensure this is effective and that the needs of all families and children are met and understood by our teams.

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Ofsted (Offices for Standards in Education)

Here at Working Mums Daycare & Pre-School we aim to far exceed the minimum National Standards set by Ofsted to ensure that we provide the highest quality care and education in early years.

Some quotes taken from recent OFSTED inspections at Working Mums:

 "The development of children's creativity is a strength in the nursery's provision. Attractive displays of art work around the rooms show that children's work is respected and not 'adjusted' by adults."
"All children are making good progress in their learning because each child is given individual attention and support by staff. Their progress is noted by their keyworker who compiles a 'Journey Book' to share with their parents."
"Children thoroughly enjoy freshly cooked meals at the nursery. Children only have food that agrees with them because staff consult with parents about any special requirements and food allergies."
"Children have good opportunities for healthy exercise at the setting. They enjoy their outdoor play and make good use of varied resources that include balls and wheeled toys."
"Toys and resources are arranged so that children can make choices and access their resources easily. Babies are cared for in a pleasant room which has ample space for them to crawl, walk and play."
"Staff make parents welcome in the nursery. The partnership between parents and the staff contributes to the continuity of care for the children."